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Tea For Free: Golfer and his Golf Club Right off the Warrior Custom Golf tee you will feel the difference with Warrior Custom Golf. As the Warrior Custom Golf ball launches free you can't help but to smile.

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Golf Tees

When you tee off free of the worries about missing the sweet spot the confidence you get is incredible. So get yourself a pack of Warrior Custom Golf extra-long golf tees today. While you're at it, talk to Warrior Custom Golf about a set of their top of the line custom golf clubs. Warrior Custom Golf is always looking for Warrior golfers as passionate about the sport as they are.

The Warrior Custom Golf Tees are three and one quarter inches long, the ideal length for any Warrior golfer swinging a 460 cc Warrior Custom Golf driver. Warrior Custom Golf tees are adjusted to hold the Warrior Custom Golf ball perfectly with little friction and more trajectory off the drive. The Warrior Custom Golf tees are made from real wood, sturdy construction and a clear coat finish.

These Max Trajectory Warrior Custom Golf tees provide the optimal height off the ground for the perfect strike with a Warrior Custom Golf driver to launch the Warrior Custom Golf ball straight to the pin. The optimal height is at the center of your Warrior Custom golf driver's sweet spot. For greater distance, use Warrior Custom Golf distance golf balls, a Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk Driver with the Warrior Custom Golf tees. The high-energy core in the golf ball acts as a powerful source of maximum energy transfer at impact. When you combine it with the Maximum Cone-Shape Technology in the Tomahawk Driver and the optimal height of the tee, you will find the golf ball traveling a greater distance than you have ever imagined.

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